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Hi Emmanuelle,

Lovely to hear from you!

Jenny is doing well and settling in more and more. She really likes our new routine and is already used to Rob leaving for working in the mornings now (Before she’d try to go with him, then watch for him to return) and is super excited to go out for walks.

We had some visitors at the weekend, and while she was very friendly with them, we could tell she was nervous. When we let her out just before we went to bed, she refused to come in (two nights in a row!) and had to be coaxed in with treats and cuddles. But the moment they’d gone, she was back to normal. So we tried to give her lots of cuddles so she knew she’d done a good job.

We’re still working on getting to know the dog next door. She’s super excitable, but is getting quieter when he’s outside. And the neighbours love her – they used to have a Malinois mix, so are used to big dogs too.

And finally, another little selection of photos for you

Hope things are well with you.

Kind regards,


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